Our Medical Strategies are designed to navigate the Patient Journey from Directional Care to Care Insights to Cost of Care.  And it’s our mission to help people get to the Right Place at the Right Time for the Right Care at the Right Cost to ensure our clients’ needs are addressed throughout each step of the journey. Our Care Insights Strategies are designed to ensure patients receive the Right Care for all medical events.

Direct Contracting

Opus MedStrategies has the expertise and experience to fulfill your direct contracting needs. Our in-house provider contracting team has negotiated contracts with leading providers and facilities across the US and around the world. And when the situation warrants, we may contract directly with providers on behalf of our clients to reduce medical spend.


Opus MedStrategies provides access to over 110 PPOs across the US for both primary (in-network) access, as well as to contain costs on claims that fall out of network. We deliver maximum value in assessing the quality of a network through detailed claim analytics, including quality of care and cost-based benchmarking.


Opus MedStrategies’ integrated bill edit solution leads the market in the real-time application of millions of edit combinations to identify inaccurate billing and reduce wasteful spending on each and every professional and institutional claim.