We are excited to announce that Opus MedStrategies, Inc. (Opus MedStrategies) will change its name. Moving forward we will do business as Hines & Associates, Inc. (Hines).

On June 30th, 2021, Global Excel Management, Inc. announced that it had acquired Hines. The integration of Opus MedStrategies within Hines provides us with the opportunity to continue to deliver unparalleled service, through our people and products, while simultaneously adding a new comprehensive range of healthcare management services, including Hines’ URAC Accredited Utilization Management and Case Management Services. This allows our Opus clients with the opportunity to maintain their existing services, but also enhance those services through Hines’ comprehensive suite of healthcare management solutions. We are calling this fully integrated approach Opus360. 

While the Opus MedStrategies name has changed, your service team remains the same and is fully committed to upholding a high standard of client experience and cost savings results achieved through the current services being provided to you. We also wanted to assure you that there will be no changes required by you resulting from the rebranding. You’ll still be able to reach us using our old Opus email addresses, although occasionally you might get a response from our new Hines email account. The Opus MedStrategies, Inc. legal entity continues to exist independently and all contracts remain in force.

For further information please contact Charles Busch at Charles.Busch@opusmedstrategies.com or cbusch@hinesassoc.com.

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